Legal Process & Requirements

Legal Process & Requirements

As a Marriage Celebrant authorised under Australian law and inline with the Celebrant Code of Practice, my role is to:

·      Complete legal checks and legal documentation (NOIM)

·      The Notice of Intention to Marry (NOIM) must be completed 1 month prior to the wedding day and expires after 18 months.

·      Ensure that you are aware of the relationship education available to you

·      Work with you and write your perfect ceremony

·      Use a microphone and speaker/s to ensure all present are able to hear

·      Preparation, signing and presentation of Marriage Certificate

·      Register your marriage within 14 days.


The marrying couple will need to provide, at our initial meeting, original documents of your legitimacy to be married under Australian law. This includes:

·      Original Birth Certificate

·      Current Passport (still acceptable if out of date by no more than 2 years)

·      Current Drivers Licence or photo ID

·      If you have been previously married – Divorce or Nullity Papers

·      A Death Certificate if that is how your previous marriage ended

·      Statutory Declaration declaring your legitimacy to be married under Australian Law

·      Court Orders (if applicable)

Restrictions to a Marriage

·      If one or both of the intended couple are already married

·      If both are under the age of 18  (you may make application to the court)

·      If one is under the age of 18, you must have parental or court permission.

·      Less than one month from the NOIM being started.  (You may make application to the court under extreme circumstances, e.g., illness or transfer overseas)